About Heritage Painters

Lancaster Painters Australia

Lancaster Painters Australia offer a fully licensed Australia-wide professional and personalised painting, decorating, artistic, conservation, restoration and reconstruction service for all commercial, residential, community and Church work throughout Australia. With over 40 years of experience, we are fully qualified, licensed and insured.

Based in Adelaide, we are heritage listed in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Lancaster Painters Australia are corporate members of the National Trust of Australia.

From general painting and repaint services, our services include specialist traditional heritage finishes that have been reproduced over many years using the Decorative Arts. We also provide eco-friendly finishes as well as innovative contemporary and modern finishes. Our aim is to ensure a high standard of work is achieved for each and every customer. From ordinary painting and decorating to specialist skills, the Decorative Arts and artistic painting, we are passionate about our work, our customers and the community.

Work Health & Safety

With Gary Lancaster being the Site Safety Officer and Responsible Officer, we use the latest National WHS policies. People, pets and the care of the environment are our top priority. We take extensive measures to ensure the safety and welfare not only of all people involved including workers and our customers, but also of the land, property, pets and the neighbouring community. See our sustainable painting practices.

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Sustainable Painting PracticesFully licensed and qualified with full liability insurance, all work is performed to the Australian Industry Standards. Certificates of Practical Completion are supplied throughout all stages of the job. Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd operate using Safe Work Methods and Environmental Management, utilising a Continuous Improvement Action Plan. Training has resulted in achieving Certificate III in Painting and Decorating, Responsible Officer and holding a Senior First Aid Certificate and Whitecard. We are environmentally greenhouse friendly and lead safe. Full training has been achieved in the accredited 22002VIC course in Sustainable Practices and the accredited course in Safe Lead and Asbestos Management CPCCPD3011A. We are licensed to perform high risk work and are fully accredited and licensed to erect steel and mobile scaffold over four metres up to thirty eight metres as well as elevated platforms, static lines and safety nets. Electrical equipment is tagged. We hold current National Police Certificates.

Our Licences

NSW Office of Fair Trading
  • Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd Company Contractor Licence 240745C
  • Gary David Lancaster Supervisor Contractor Licence 229434C
SA Office of Business & Consumer Affairs
  • Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd Building Work Contractor Licence BLD 239320
  • Gary D Lancaster Building Work Supervisors Licence BLD 119671
SafeWork licences

  • Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction Whitecard No. 964483.
  • Licence no. 227136 to Perform High Risk Work Classes SB WP.
  • O.H.S certification Australia Class SB. WP Certificate Number S97697-2.
  • Working with Children Clearance NSW Number WWC0999661E.

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Our Commitment

Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd are committed to:

  1. providing a high level of customer service.
  2. providing consistent quality in painting work including specialist, decorative, contemporary, modern and heritage finishes and artisan works such as Trompe L’Oeil and fine art.
  3. creating new, contemporary and innovative paint finishes and artwork.
  4. providing consistent quality in heritage conservation, repaint, reconstruction, restoration work and the decorative arts.
  5. retaining the heritage skills of bygone eras through education including the training of graduate architects and painters and decorators.
  6. complying with both customer and regulatory requirements.

Our Objectives

  1. Customer Focus – ensuring that we understand current and future customer needs, meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations;
  2. Involvement of People – ensuring that full involvement of all staff in the success of the organisation is achieved, and that people’s knowledge and skills are developed to meet their own, and the organisation’s goals;
  3. Process Management – ensuring that all key processes and associated resources are effectively managed and maintained;
  4. Supplier Relationships – ensuring that mutually beneficial relationships are developed and agreed goals achieved.

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About the Director

Gary Lancaster - Director of Lancaster Painters AustraliaGary Lancaster, Director of Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd, successfully completed a four year apprenticeship in painting and decorating through the Department of Housing and Construction in South Australia. Attending the Marleston College of Further Education, he studied Trade Practice, Trade Technology and Trade Drawing. On 12th December 1978 he received his Apprentice Certificate in Painting and Decorating from the Department of Further Education in South Australia.

In 1985 he began work for an English master certified with his City & Guilds and highly skilled in the decorative arts and traditional heritage work. Gary has continued in his studies of the decorative arts to this day, becoming a true master of the decorative arts in his own right. Read more.

The Team

About Heritage Painters - The Heritage Painting Team

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Providing a professional heritage conservation-restoration, painting, decorating and artistic service Australia-wide, Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd are fully licensed, insured, certified and qualified. We are registered for GST: ACN 147 965 008, ABN 85 479 617 277. We are proudly Australian owned and operated. All thanks to The Traditional Heritage Master Craftsman. IS53YLT. Traditional Heritage Painting — Adelaide, South Australia – Sydney, New South Wales – Melbourne, Victoria.

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