Heritage Wallpaper Restoration Service

Heritage Wallpaper Restoration Service

Professional Heritage Wallpaper Restoration & Hanging Service by Lancaster Painters Australia

Heritage Wallpaper Restoration

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Heritage Wallpaperong

Professional wallpaper hangers Lancaster Painters Australia offer a top quality wallpaper conservation, restoration, reconstruction and installation service for heritage wallpapers. Our craftsmanship includes sensitive wallpaper repair, cleaning and artistic reconstruction for antique, heritage, traditional and historic wallpapers.

Heritage Wallpaper Repair & Reconstruction

As featured in the photo below, Gary Lancaster performed sensitive wallpaper reconstruction work in the front lobby of the Lowy Institute after it had suffered severe water damage. Prior to starting the work, he tested the surfaces using a moisture meter. Gary sensitively repaired the border and successfully matched the existing heritage colour scheme. He artistically touched up the border including the decorative design to blend in with the original design. See more.

Lowy Institute Wallpaper Border Repair & Reconstruction

Gary then went on to repair damaged sections of the heritage wallpaper in the office that had been previously occupied by Prime Minister Paul Keating. He applied an antique finish to touch up the damaged sections to blend in with the rest of the wallpaper. See more.

Wallpaper Hanging Service

More Heritage Wallpaper

More Heritage Wallpaper