Heritage Church Beautification

Heritage Church Beautification

Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about the preservation of the beautification of heritage Churches for future generations to enjoy. Our conservation, restoration, reconstruction and professional painting and decorating services cater for traditional and historical Church art, designs and stunningly beautiful decorative finishes that apply to the heritage era of the Church. We specialise in Gothic art and designs including those of English architect, designer and artist, Augustus Pugin.

St Johns Cathedral, Payneham Road Uniting Church, Church of the Sacred Heart and Wesley Uniting Church are examples of our Church beautification work. The work involved thorough preparation, heritage paints and colour schemes, furniture restoration, dados, stencils, gilding (gold leaf), hand painted faux (fake) marbling, faux wood graining, art conservation of the Stations of the Cross, banner reconstruction, sign writing, pipe organ diapering and more.

Heritage Church Beautification

Church reconstruction and beautification
Traditional heritage paints & finishes
Authentic heritage colour schemes
Glass art, stained glass & leadlight
Traditional decorative arts finishes

Banner & sign reconstruction, sign writing
Pipe organ & furniture restoration & art
Heritage art conservation-restoration
Art cleaning, repair & reconstruction
Church art, Gothic & Pugin designs

Heritage Church Art & Designs

Tile, 1845-1851, Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin V&A Museum no. C.1A-1978

We have a passion for the conservation of historical Church art. As part of our Church beautification service, we provide a sensitive yet beautiful artistic service for heritage Churches and buildings. Being highly skilled in the conservation, restoration and reconstruction of artwork and designs, we are able to reproduce many of the original pieces of Church art including Gothic and Pugin designs. We continually research methods, materials, techniques, styles and the Decorative Arts.

Our Church beautification services include the cleaning, repair, conservation and reconstruction of Church designs and art including the Stations of the Cross. We have the skills and expertise to sensitively clean art and to recreate artwork or a decorative design even if the original is in very poor condition using techniques such as spectroscopy and micro analysis or mechanical methods.

Church Heritage Decorative Finishes

Church Heritage Decorative Finishes

Lancaster Painters Australia are masters in the decorative arts and decorative painting techniques. Professionally trained by English and Scottish masters, we are highly skilled in replicating the skill of the historical masters of the past and the beauty of their work. We provide traditional and historical painting, decorating and artistic services for all heritage Churches and offer elegant paint finishes that have been reproduced over many years using the traditional decorative arts. All our high quality heritage finishes, including faux (fake) finishes, are applied by hand. You may be interested in seeing our beautiful decorative finishes.

Heritage Church Painting Decorating

Stencilling, strie, sign writing & heraldry
Verre eglomise, limewash, colour wash
Hand painted mosaics & candle art
Glass art, stained glass & leadlight
Furniture & timber finishes & art
Pipe organ diapering & art

Faux (fake) marbling, wood graining & stone
Designs including Gothic & Pugin designs
Church art, motifs, frescoes, cartouches
2-D and 3-D art, Trompe L’oeil, fine art
Venetian polished plaster, antiquing
Gilding (incl. gold & silver leaf)

Decorative Finishes

Church Beautification Testimonials

Payneham Road Uniting Church

“Payneham Road Uniting Church engaged Gary Lancaster to redecorate the interior of its worship chapel… While we provided an outline of our requirements, Gary’s background and experience brought to our notice a number of features which, when highlighted, added considerably to the overall impact on the décor… The employees engaged by Gary were always cooperative, industrious and of good value.” Read more..

Church of the Sacred Heart

“Gary and his team did an excellent job, and were committed to doing their very best. Since the completion of the painting we have had a constant stream of praise for the work. It has transformed the look of the church. Previously it was painted a drab cement colour. It now has a much more pleasant, warmer feel to it, and many of its features have been enhanced by the colours they have been painted.” Father Brian Angus. Read more.

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Heritage Church Painting

Decorative Finishes

Heritage Decorative Finishes

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