Heritage Church Painting & Decorating

Heritage Church Painting Decorating

With a passion for Church painting and decorating, our Covid-19 safe heritage painters have 47 years of experience in preserving heritage Churches throughout Australia. We offer a top quality interior and exterior Church conservation, restoration, reconstruction, painting and beautification service for the preservation of heritage Churches. As professional heritage Church painters and decorators, Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about ensuring the cultural significance of heritage Churches in Australia are retained for future generations to enjoy.

Heritage Church Painting & Decorating

Lancaster Painters Australia provide an extensive range of traditional heritage paints, finishes and colour schemes to suit the heritage era of the Church. Using only the correct type of paint and materials for the work, we ensure surfaces are thoroughly tested and prepared prior to the application of the coating systems. We apply the latest National WHS/OHS policies to ensure the safety and welfare of all people involved, including tradespeople, the Church community, parishioners, the property and the neighbouring community. Working around the busy schedules of Church activities during the process of works, we aim to help the Churches and their committees to achieve their desired outcome. Heritage Church painting and decorating projects include the Church of the Sacred Heart, Payneham Road Uniting Church, the beautiful St John’s Cathedral in Parramatta and more.

Heritage Church Painters

Heritage Church Painting Services

Lead & moisture testing, lead removal
Scrapings, analysis, colour matching
Surface repairs, filling and plastering
Traditional heritage paints & finishes
Authentic heritage colour schemes
Traditional decorative arts finishes
Glass art, stained glass, leadlight
Top quality painting & decorating

Church reconstruction and beautification
Heritage conservation and restoration
Traditional historical heritage finishes
Pipe organ diapering art, sign writing
Heritage art conservation-restoration
Art cleaning, repair & reconstruction
Church art, Gothic & Pugin designs
Heritage furniture restoration & art

Traditional Heritage Church Painting

Quality Workmanship

We are committed to achieving a high standard of workmanship for all heritage Church painting. We achieve this by using the correct type of super premium quality paint and materials and the performance of highly skilled painting and decorating techniques. We are able to improve the aesthetic of a Church building and to protect it from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects and mould. Being committed to environmental care and public health, we provide moisture testing, lead and asbestos testing, and safe lead removal services.

Sacred Heart Church Extensive Heritage Church Crack Repair and Filling

Our top quality workmanship begins with thorough preparation of surfaces prior to applying the coating systems and/or decorative finishes. Preparation is the most important aspect of any job, ensuring the quality of the final finish as well as adding years onto the paintwork before it will need painting again. Here at Lancaster Painters Australia, we ensure surfaces are thoroughly prepared prior to commencing any heritage work. Cracks, from minor hair-line cracks up to major structural cracking are filled using the correct materials. For major cracks this may involve sand, lime and cement and then plastering. All surfaces are rubbed down and dusted off, and in some cases, may require washing down. Following the Australian Industry Standards, we recommend a minimum of a three coat paint system using super premium quality paint and materials. For more information, please see our professional heritage services.

Heritage Church Conservation

Heritage Church Banner Reconstruction

Specialising in Church heritage conservation, Lancaster Painters Australia are heritage listed in multiple states of Australia. As a member of the National Trust of Australia, we conform to the Burra Charter and have the skills and expertise to provide historical and traditional heritage painting methods that are reproduced using the same paint methods and materials employed after which painting methods began to dominate the industry.

Our work is based on exhaustive and continuous research into methods, materials, techniques and styles. Each Church heritage painting job is individually hand painted by skilled artisans without compromises in quality, historical accuracy or consistency. Working from original paint scrapings, using techniques such as spectroscopy, micro analysis or mechanical methods, and by understanding documentary evidence, we have reproduced paint finishes, artwork and designs and accurately reproduced the style, character and look of the original period look.

Church Beautification

Professional Church Heritage Painters Decorative Finishes

Along with our Church heritage painting, Lancaster Painters Australia offer a beautiful Church beautification service. It includes heritage colour schemes, dados, heritage Church art, designs, motifs and beautiful traditional decorative finishes. We have been successful in replicating historic Gothic and Pugin designs.

Our decorative finishes for heritage Churches include hand painted faux marbling (fake marble), faux (fake) wood graining, gilding (gold leaf, silver leaf etc.), stenciling, washes, motifs, designs, Church art and so much more. See our Church beautification services.

Heritage Church Painting Testimonials

Church of the Sacred Heart

“Recently Lancaster Painters Australia repainted Sacred Heart Church in Semaphore, South Australia. They were among a list of painters recommended to us by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council as suitable for the type of heritage restoration we were seeking in a painting firm. We eventually engaged Gary Lancaster and his team as we felt they had the best understanding of what we were seeking, and because we found Gary an easy person to work with. We valued his willingness to cooperate and consult. We were also advised that he had the expertise to restore some wording that was special to many of the congregation, but had been painted out in a previous painting. We were very pleased with our choice. Gary and his team did an excellent job, and were committed to doing their very best. ” Father Brian Angus. Read more.

Payneham Road Uniting Church

“Payneham Road Uniting Church engaged Gary Lancaster to redecorate the interior of its worship chapel… While we provided an outline of our requirements, Gary’s background and experience brought to our notice a number of features which, when highlighted, added considerably to the overall impact on the décor… The employees engaged by Gary were always cooperative, industrious and of good value. In particular we appreciated the care taken in repairing and modifying damaged features and the overall cleaning of the chapel and its contents… Gary and Joy’s vast experience of working on heritage buildings and their passion enabled us to feel completely comfortable with them working in the Church, enabled us to trust their opinions on many matters pertaining to the building and the redecoration work…” Read more.

Church Heritage Paintint Decorating

As traditional heritage Church painters and decorators, Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about the professional services provided for heritage Churches in Australia. To see a more comprehensive list of the professional heritage Church painting, decorating, artistic and beautification services we provide, click here.

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Heritage Church Beautification

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