Sustainable Painting Practices

Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about implementing sustainable painting practices. We support the community, economy and customers to develop and thrive by promoting and demonstrating sustainable resource use. By using our resources more efficiently, we are able to incorporate meeting the needs of the present, without damaging the environment and without depleting a resource, whilst ensuring the environment and resources are renewable without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In moving towards sustainability, Lancaster Painters Australia attempt to reduce the amount of resources we use, as well as the waste and the emissions we produce.

Fully Accredited Enviro Painters

Sustainable Painting Practices Lancaster Painters Australia have completed the accredited 22002VIC course in Sustainable Painting Practices and the accredited Lead Paint and Asbestos Management course CPCCPD3011A, to safely test and remove lead and asbestos, using lead and asbestos test kits.

The scope in carrying out painting, decorating and artistic work, is that we undertake to manage environmental issues so that our clients, the community and our employees will be able to minimise the release of contaminated solvents to the environment in compliance to the Commonwealth, State and Local Council requirements.

Lancaster Painters Australia use flocculating agents or a trade waste treatment plant in order to identify, recycle and reduce waste, minimising water consumption, improving air quality and methods of disposal. With the use of a trade enviro-wash, are able to separate the paint water from the paint matter in order to dispose of paint legally and safely. We provide a HEPA* vacuum cleaner for all our lead and asbestos removal projects.

As fully accredited enviro painters, Lancaster Painters Australia research products that have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), TDS (Technical Data Sheet), less fumes, less VOCs** and address health and safety issues, endeavouring to meet the Commonwealth State and Local Council’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards.

An environmental assessment check-list is used as a tool to identify risks to the environment with work being undertaken by Lancaster Painters Australia or by our employees as part of our quotation process. Using OHS/WHS and Environmental Policies, we monitor closely the environmental management of all work sites and record any activities associated with the environment. We use site hazard check lists on all sites for items that need to be considered in the Site Management Plan.

When using chemicals including paint, the information recorded is kept on site with the Responsible Officer or OHS/WHS Officer along with Material Safety Data Sheets. We ensure all safe management and minimisation of waste, litter, noise, dust and air pollution on each site.

As environmentally friendly painters, Lancaster Painters Australia are committed to continually improve on reduction, recycling and reuse of materials and water. A thorough check is performed on a weekly basis by our OHS/WHS/Environmental Officer to ensure these measures are adhered to.

Sustainable Painting Practices

*HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Air.

**VOCs = Volatile Organic Compounds – compounds that have a high vapour pressure and allow water solubility.

Sustainable Heritage Painting