Auld Reekie National Trust House Artistic Centrepiece

Auld Reekie Heritage Art Reconstruction

Featured above: Reconstructed fine art centrepiece of the ceiling in the dining room of National Trust House “Auld Reekie” by Gary Lancaster. Photos below reveal the extensive water damage to the ceiling and artistic centrepiece.

National Trust House Water Damaged Heritage Art Centrepiece

Below: Gary sensitively cleans the dirty, greasy and water damaged areas of the artistic centrepiece. After skilfully matching the colours, he proceeds to artistically reconstruct the damaged areas of the fine art, blending them in to match the rest of the artwork.

National Trust House Art Centrepiece Cleaning Painting

Below: Final touch-ups to the centrepice by artist Gary Lancaster (photo left), and the completed reconstructed artwork (photo right).

Auld Reekie Centrepiece Heritage Artistic Reconstruction

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