Ashfield Cottage Heritage Reconstruction & Repaint Work

Ashfield Cottage Heritage Reconstruction Work

Certified lead paint removal specialists Lancaster Painters Australia were hired to sensitively and safely remove lead paint from the internal walls and woodwork of five rooms in an 1870’s workman’s duplex cottage in Sydney, New South Wales. Prior to commencement of works, we performed lead testing on all surfaces to determine the levels of lead contamination. High levels of lead were discovered in the red lead primer behind the paint used for the solid plaster walls.

Lancaster Painters Australia ensured the sensitive poultice lead stripping and removal work was performed to Lead Safe Australian Standards AS 4361.2:1998 specification on lead paint stripping. Plastic was laid extensively over the timber floors, the light fittings, doors, windows etc. to protect them during the process of works and to contain the lead contaminants. We erected lead abasement signs and ensured all workers wore protective clothing and masks to protect them from contamination. Cleaning throughout the process of works required the use of a hepa vacuum cleaner and washing down of surfaces. On completion of lead stripping, we sealed all the surfaces and performed further lead testing to ensure zero levels of contamination had been achieved. All rubbish created by the lead stripping works along with the protective clothing and masks were placed in lead containment bags. We tied and sealed them prior to safe disposal as per the local council regulations.

As sustainable eco painters, we applied beautiful sensitive natural paint from Bio Products Australia containing no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) after filling and wet sanding the surfaces. All preparation and repaint work work was performed to the AS/NZ 2311:2009 specification on substrate preparation and application of the coating system, and the Master Painters Association Industry Standard for the Surface Coating Industry. It was a great pleasure to perform this work for Elinor.

Ashfield Cottage Lead Paint Stripping & Repaint Work

“I would highly recommend Lancaster Painters. I found them to be very knowledgeable and thorough as well as easy and pleasant to deal with. Removing lead is a delicate process and Lancaster Painters handled everything with great care and attention to detail. They kept me informed of every stage and I’m convinced that the walls in my house are now in a better condition than they were when they were built.” Elinor

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