Bayview Lodge in Rockdale NSW

Bayview Lodge, Rockdale NSW

“Bayview Lodge” is a heritage listed private residence in Rockdale, Sydney. In December 2012, Lancaster Painters Australia performed sensitive poultice lead stripping, sealing and filling work to the walls and ceilings in one bedroom and the store room, as well as the bedroom door and door frame.

Prior to commencement of works, we performed lead testing on all surfaces to determine the levels of lead contamination. All lead stripping and removal work was carried out to Lead Safe Australian Standards AS 4361.2:1998 specification on lead paint stripping. We laid plastic and mdf sheeting to protect surfaces and fittings during the process of works, and applied plastic to the windows and door frames in order to achieve full containment. Lead abasement signs were erected and we ensured protective clothing and masks were worn by workers at all times. Cleaning throughout the process of works required the use of a hepa vacuum cleaner and washing down of surfaces. All rubbish created by the lead stripping works including the plastic and mdf sheeting, and the protective clothing and masks used by the workers, were placed in lead containment bags. We tied and sealed them prior to safe disposal as per the local council regulations. Once all surfaces had been thoroughly washed down, dried and sealed, we performed further lead testing to ensure zero levels of contamination had been achieved.

During the process of works, Lancaster Painters Australia performed extensive filling, wet sanding and sealing of surfaces. The bedroom window was left for other trades to replace the plastic window with glass and to construct a timber frame around the window prior to any further repaint work.

Bayview Lodge Sensitive Lead Paint Stripping

“We are undertaking a staged maintenance program on our heritage listed property in Rockdale, Sydney. This includes extensive lead paint removal and remediation, followed by painting to a heritage colour scheme. We contracted Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd for this work in early 2012, primarily because of their technical knowledge and previous experience. We also appreciated their flexibility with a program that had to react to unforeseen delays and discoveries, and their ability to work around this and accommodate us. The first stage work was recently completed whilst we remained resident on site, with minimal disruption to our family and without any delays. We found Gary to be courteous and helpful throughout, and generous with his time, samples and advice. The work completed so far has been of the highest standard and we are very happy with the outcome. We will continue to use Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd for the remainder of our project and recommend them unreservedly.” Allan

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