Hand Painted Grecian 3D Trompe Loeil with Faux Stone

Hand Painted Faux Stone & Brick

Featured above: Beautiful Grecian 3D trompe loeil including faux (fake) stone hand painted by faux heritage artist Gary Lancaster. Faux or fake stone or brick marbling is the preparation and finishing of a surface to imitate the appearance of real stone or brick. It is typically used in buildings when the type brick or stone are either too expensive or no longer available. Faux stone and faux brick finishes are a special case of faux painting used to create the distinctive and varied patterns of stone or brick. It is commonly used to make walls look like real stonework or brickwork, especially on the exterior of weatherboard houses or as an indoor feature wall. It can also be used for kitchen counter tops, columns etc. This can be done using specialist glaze and faux painting techniques.

Heritage Faux Stone and Brick

Heritage Admirals Arch with Faux Stone and Roman Trompe Loeils

Photo above: “Admirals Arch” with faux stone blocking trompe l’oeil (left) and Roman vases, coffer and lady trompe loeil (right) all hand painted by Gary Lancaster.

Hand Painted Barossa Iron Stone Sand Stone Bluestone

Featured above: Hand painted Barossa Iron Stone (left), a 3-D trompe l’oeil of a Sand Stone Roman Arch (middle) and faux Bluestone (right) by heritage artist Gary Lancaster.

Garage Door Hand Painted Faux Brick - Before & After

Hand Painted Faux Sydney Stone with Faux Malachite Inset

Hand Painted Faux Granite

Photos above: Gary hand painted a garage door to match the brickwork of the garage (left). The photo in the centre showcases Gary’s faux Sydney stone with a faux Malachite inset. On the right is Gary’s hand painted faux granite.

Hand Painted Stone and Brick

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