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The Art of Heritage Gilding

Heritage Column Gilded Capital As professional heritage gilders, Lancaster Painters Australia provide a professional heritage gilding service that includes gold, silver and aluminium leaf; copper, bronze, brass and faux verdigris; faux rust, Dutch metal, antique metal; gilded designs, gold leaf (aged), silver powders, mica gold powders, oxidation, copper antique, water gilding and so much more.

Featured above: Gary Lancaster performed heritage gilding work in Aldgate house. It included the gilded restoration of the frame of a historic piece of art that Gary restored. He applied 22 karat gold leaf to mirror frames, ceiling roses and a gold stand. For more information and photos, click here.

The term gilding covers a number of decorative techniques for applying fine gold leaf or powder to solid surfaces such as wood, stone, or metal to give a thin coating of gold. A gilded object is also described as “gilt”. Where metal is gilded, it was traditionally silver in the West, to make silver-gilt (or vermeil) objects, but gilt-bronze is commonly used in China, and also called ormolu if it is Western. Methods of gilding include hand application and gluing, chemical gilding, and electroplating, the last also called gold plating. Parcel-gilt (partial gilt) objects are only gilded over part of their surfaces. This may mean that all of the inside, and none of the outside, of a chalice or similar vessel is gilded, or that patterns or images are made up using a combination of gilt and un-gilt areas.

Photo above left: Gary Lancaster hand painted a faux Sienna marble finish to the column in our display in Old Adelaide Restoration Centre. He applied 22 karat gold leaf to the capital. For more information, click here.

Rivendell Great Hall Progressive Gilding

Featured above: Gary Lancaster applies 22 karat gold leaf to pin-striping and the lettering on the walls of Rivendell Great Hall in the Thomas Walker Estate. This was only a portion of the heritage painting and decorating reconstruction work of the hall. For more information, click here. The slider below features some of our professional gilding work to various ceiling roses and cornices.

Photo below: Sensitively stripping paint from the banner inside the Sacred Heart Church, Lancaster Painters Australia uncovered the original banner signage that had been painted over by the previous painters. Using heritage colour matching techniques, we delicately and skilfully reconstructed it back to its former glory. Each letter received 22 karat gold leaf with a red hand painted pin-stripe. For more photos and information about this work, please click here.

Heritage Gilding Banner Signage Reconstruction

Below left: 22 karat gold leaf applied to the front gates of Aldgate house. Below centre: 22 karat gold leaf applied to the damper plate of a fireplace in a Kersbrook private residence. Below right: Silver leaf applied to furniture for a private residential customer.

Heritage Gilding of Front Gates Fireplace Plate and Furniture

Featured below: Gold leaf applied to various decorative mirror frames for residential customers.

Heritage Gilded Mirrors Water Gilding Art

Featured above right: Gary Lancaster hand painted beautiful art onto 22 karat gold leaf.

Gilding Projects

Hand Painted & Gilded Decorative Air Vent

In the photo featured above: heritage painter, decorator and artist Gary Lancaster beautified a decorative air vent. He carefully picked out the colours and hand painted it, adding highlights of 22 karat leaf. Listed below are some of the gilding projects we have completed after years of applying gilded finishes to homes and businesses.

Heritage Gold Leaf Silver Leaf Application

Heritage Gilding

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