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Heritage Glass Art & Leadlight

Featured Above: Rivendell Chapel Leadlight Conservation

Lancaster Painters Australia provide professional heritage glass services for hand crafted leadlight, coloured glass, etched glass and stained glass. We cater for the design, build, sensitive cleaning and repair of all leadlight and glass art. Our glass painting services include painted glass that is kiln fired and silver stained. The glass selection is very important for combining textures and colours.

Authentic Heritage Leadlight

Heritage Leadlight Stained Glass Art Painting

Heritage Painters Australia Leadlight Glass Art

by Lancaster Painters Australia

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Heritage Leadlight

Spring Birds Leadlight

Spring Birds Heritage Leadlight

Proud Peacock Leadlight

Peacock Authentic Heritage Leadlight

A great leadlight always starts with a great design. Drawn by natural artists, we are able to capture the look and feel of authentic heritage leadlight, including old Victorian and Art Deco designs. We feature beautiful hand crafted heritage leadlight by Lancaster Painters Australia and Authentic Leadlight.

Victorian Painted Design

Painted Leadlight Design with Victorian Centre

Painted Angel Leadlight

Angel Leadlight Heritage Art

Victorian Painted Leadlight

Beautiful Art Deco Leadlight Design

Art Deco Leadlight Design

Beautiful Traditional Heritage Leadlight

Leadlights or leaded lights are decorative windows made of small sections of glass supported in lead cames. The technique of creating windows using glass and lead came is discussed at came glasswork. The term leadlight could be used to describe all windows in which the glass is supported by lead, but traditionally, a distinction is made between stained glass windows and leadlights, the former being associated with the ornate windows of churches and other such works of architecture and the latter with the windows of vernacular commercial and domestic architecture and defined by its simplicity.

Hand Painted Atrium Window

Hand Painted Glass Art Atrium Window Bollens Folly

Hand painted atrium window in “Bollen’s Folly” – “The Wedding Cake House”.

Since the traditional technique of setting glass into lead cames is the same in both cases, in the late 20th century the divisions between “leadlight” and “stained glass” became blurred, and the terms are now often used interchangeably for any window employing this technique, while the term “stained glass” is often extended to apply to any windows, sculpture, and works of art using coloured glass.

Heritage Stained Glass Window

Highroyd House Heritage Stained Glass Window

Heritage Stained Glass Window in heritage listed “Highroyd House“.

Heritage Glass Art Leadlight

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