Hand Painted Heritage Wood Graining

Faux Oak Wood Grain with Walnut Wood Grained Panels Featured above: Gary Lancaster of Lancaster Painters Australia meticulously hand painted a Cedar wood grain finish onto the new fire doors for the Jubilee Room of Parliament House in Sydney to match the original doors. For more photos and information of the wood graining work in Parliament House, click here.

Wood graining, graining or faux bois (French for “fake wood”) is a technique often used to imitate exotic, expensive, extinct or “hard to find” wood varieties. It is the practice of imitating wood grain on a non-wood surface in order to increase that surface’s aesthetic appeal.

Graining was common in the 19th century, as people were keen on imitating hard, expensive woods by applying a superficial layer of paint onto soft, inexpensive woods. Graining can be accomplished using either rudimentary tools or highly specialised graining tools. A specialized thick brush used for graining is often called a mottler. It is carried out in layers, with the first layer being a base, and then a second layer applied later, today usually by means of a sponge. During the 19th century, however, brushes were more commonly used. Graining can also be applied to almost any surface including bricks and brass.

Gary Lancaster s a master of wood graining. After many years of refining his skills, he is able to imitate any wood grain you can imagine. Many cannot tell the difference between his hand painted wood grain finishes and real timber. Featured left: Hand painted faux oak wood grained door with walnut wood grained panels.

Heritage Faux Wood Graining

Faux Wood Grained Heritage Doors

Photo featured above Left: The original wood graining of the front door of Highroyd House in Annadale had deteriorated significantly. Gary Lancaster was hired to wood grain the doors again to match the original Oak wood grain. He also artistically repainted the faded finger plate of the door. For more photos and information of the work performed, click here.

Above Centre: Gary Lancaster wood grained the doors, door frames and skirtings inside Minchin House in the Adelaide Zoo. He hand painted the timber in a Dark Oak finish. For more photos and information click here.

In the photo featured above right, Gary Lancaster meticulously hand painted the doors, door frames and skirtings of Miegunyah House including the atrium. With great attention to detail, Gary painted them in a Burl Walnut finish to match the original antique Burl Walnut dining room table in Megunyah House.

Willow Brook Front Entrance Wood Graining

Above: Gary Lancaster meticulously hand paints Cedar and Red Pine wood grain finishes in the entrance of Willow Brook mansion. For more photos and information of all work performed, click here. For progressive photos of the wood graining work, click here.

Various Heritage Wood Graining

Featured Above: Burl Satinwood with Root of Oak; Feathered Mahogany; Burl Walnut with Quartered Oak – all hand painted by Gary Lancaster. In the photo featured below, Gary Lancaster hand painted a blackwood wood grain effect to the doors, door frames and skirtings in the Supreme Court of South Australia. For more information and photos, please click here.

Blackwood Wood Graining

Below: Gary Lancaster hand painted a Baltic Pine finish around the edge of the original Jarrah floor to match the Baltic Pine kitchen floor. The work was performed in a heritage listed private residence in St Peters. For information and photos of the work, click here.

Faux Heritage Baltic Pine Wood Grained Floor

Faux Wood Graining Projects

Listed below are just some of the faux (fake) wood graining projects we have completed after many years of applying faux finishes to homes, businesses, Churches and government buildings throughout Australia.

Hand Painted Timber

Hand Painted Heritage Wood Grain Effect

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