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Hand Painted Commercial Heritage Signs

Traditional Heritage Signs and Designs Lancaster Painters Australia offer a professional heritage sign writing and artistic service traditionally applied by hand. It includes heritage designs, art, wood graining, marbling, gilding, lettering including Gothic letters, Pugin designs, shields, heraldry, honour boards, banners and more. We can apply it to almost any surface including glass, wood, plaster, metal and more.

Historically, signwriters drew or painted heritage signs by hand using a variety of paint depending on the background. Traditional signwriting is enjoying a revival largely due to North American writers and their growing influence on English and European sign artisans such as David A. Smith in Torquay, England. Traditional signwriters use methods closely related to those of their forebears in this craft and do not depend on technology. They are able to set out a sign with chalk and write it by eye in freehand. They do not rely on fonts and normally have their own individual lettering styles, yet also have the ability to render fonts closely to brand, as in architectural design briefs.

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