Various Heritage Wallpapers

Heritage Wallpaper

Featured above: hand painted Japanesque style paper (left), hand painted frieze with William Morris heritage wallpaper (centre) and William Morris “Strawberry Thief Blue” wallpaper. Lancaster Painters Australia provide a professional wallpaper installation, artistic, restoration and repair service for all types of heritage, historic and decorative wallpapers. Featured below: Damask wallpaper (left), hand painted Anaglypta wallpaper and Damask wallpaper (centre) and William Morris “Lodden Fabrid” wallpaper.

Heritage Wallpapers

Wallpapering, wallpaper hanging or wallpaper installation refers to the application of wallpaper to a surface that has been properly prepared. Proper preparation includes the repair of any defects in the drywall or plaster including filling, the removal of loose material or old adhesives and the application of lining paper. Besides conventional installation on interior walls and ceilings, wallpapers have been deployed as decorative covering for hatboxes, bandboxes, books, shelves, window-shades and so much more.

Roseneath Heritage Residence

Roseneath Heritage Hand Painted Wallpaper & Stencilling

Hand painting of the Anaglypta wallpaper border in “Roseneath” heritage residence, Walkerville. We applied the Anaglypta wallpaper border chosen by the client around the top of the walls in the bedroom and painted it in the colour chosen by the client. To highlight the pattern of the wallpaper, we picked out all the raised sections of the design using gold. For information and photos, click here.

The Lowy Institute For International Policy

Lowy Institute Heritage Wallpaper Border Repair

Wallpaper reconstruction work performed by Gary Lancaster in the Lowy Institute included the repair and artistic touch up work to the decorative border in the front lobby after it had been damaged by water. It required colour matching of the existing heritage colour scheme and artistically painting the border including the decorative design to blend in with the original design. Gary also repaired damaged heritage wallpaper in the office that had been previously occupied by Prime Minister Paul Keating. For more information and photos of this heritage restoration work, please click here.

William Morris Heritage Wallpaper

Wallpaper for Ceilings and Walls

Heritage Wallpaper

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