Aldgate Decorative Finishes French Wash Gilding Marbling Art

European Heritage Washes

Photo above: Gary Lancaster applied a French wash applied to the walls in Aldgate House, along with other decorative finishes including dado, pin-striping, gilding, marbling, French polishing and more. He also performed sensitive heritage artistic cleaning, repair, and touch-up work to the portrait in the photo above and to delicate artwork on antique furniture. To see more, click here.

Kensington House Colour Washes

Featured above: Gary Lancaster and his team applied beautiful decorative finishes including colour washes using age old techniques to decorative ceiling roses, cornices and other features in this beautiful heritage residence in Kensington. To see more, click here.

Heritage Limewash with Hand Painted Stencil

Colour wash is a popular technique in faux painting to create a subtle wash of colour over walls or other surfaces. It is a free-form finish that creates subtle variations of colour using multiple hues of glaze blended together with a paint brush. Colour washing was historically created with oil-based products because of the long drying time, but today’s environmental and health conscious companies are producing user-friendly water based glazes. Colour wash can be applied in any colour of paint and is generally applied with brushes over a solid paint colour, using long sweeping strokes to meld the glaze colours together. Lancaster Painters Australia European heritage washes include French wash, distemper, tallow lime wash and more.

Below: Lancaster Painters Australia applied lime wash was applied to the external walls of both the main house and the servants quarters of Roseneath heritage residence in Walkerville. For more information and photos, click here.

Roseneath Heritage House Exterior Heritage Lime Wash

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