Faux Marbling

Heritage Marbling - Hand Painted Faux Emperador Marble

Hand Painted Faux Emperador Marble

Beautiful Hand Painted Faux Marble

Before and After Photos of Marbled Fireplace in The Lodge

Marbleising, faux marbling or fake marble is the preparation and finishing of a surface to imitate the appearance of polished marble. It is typically used in buildings where the cost or weight of genuine marble would prohibit its use. Faux marbling is a special case of faux painting used to create the distinctive and varied patterns of marble. Being the most imitated stone by far, it is used to make walls and furniture look like real marble. This can be achieved by using plaster, glaze and painting techniques.

Featured above: Before and after photos of a stripped fireplace inside “The Lodge” that Gary artistically painted from scrapings to match the original marble. For more information about this heritage reconstruction work, click the photo above or click here.

Campbelltown Residence Faux Marbling

Featured above: Gary Lancaster hand painted a heritage black marble effect to four columns and pedestals in the entrance of a private Campbelltown residence.

Heritage Painters Decorative Finishes

Hand painted faux marble by Gary Lancaster includes Sienna marble to columns with gold leaf to the capitals, heritage marble to bathroom cornices and artistic touch up restoration work to a damaged fireplace that included marbling and gilding. Featured below, Gary hand painted Sienna marble to the archways, keystone and cornices in a heritage listed home. He applied 22 karat gold leaf to the keystone and Corinthian column leaves. For more information and photos of the work, please click here.

Hand Painted Faux Marble Kent Town

Featured below: Gary hand painted a black and gold marble finish to a stand in the atrium of a customer’s private residence in Aldgate. To see more, either click the photo below or click here.

Hand Painted Faux Marble Stands & Sienna Marble Panel with Cones

Featured below: Gary hand painted grey marble coffers on the bottom section of walls inside the hallway of a private residence. He added interest by painting a beautiful butterfly on one of the coffers.

Grey Faux Marble Coffer with Hand Painted 3D Butterfly Art

Faux Marbling Projects

Traditional Heritage Decorative Finishes Demonstration

Listed below are just some of the faux (fake) marbling projects we have completed after many years of applying faux finishes to homes, businesses, Churches and government buildings throughout Australia.

Heritage Marbling Faux Marble

Hand Painted Faux Fake Marble

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