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Planbuild is situated at 223 Hutt Street in Adelaide SA. The heritage listed bluestone cottage at the front of the block is currently used as the main office. It was constructed in 1875; the stonemason was Thomas Moroney. Planbuild have more than fifty years of local and international experience as architects and heritage consultants.

In October 2017, Mr Peter Hignett, the Principal of Planbuild hired Gary Lancaster to perform sensitive heritage restoration and reconstruction work of exterior painting  to the front and right side of the building. This included heritage lining restoration work to the bluestone frontage.

Prior to commencement of work, Gary covered all surfaces using drop sheets and plastic and erected wet paint signs and warning signs where needed. He thoroughly prepared all surfaces prior to painting that included paint stripping where needed, sanding and washing down of surfaces. Gary thoroughly filled indentations, holes and cracks using the correct fillers.

Gary used super premium quality paints and materials for the work, matching the colours to the existing heritage colour scheme. The paint was traditionally applied by brush. Gary painted window frames, the front door and door frame, fascias, birdboards, posts, feet of the posts, mouldings, lacework surrounds and plymph. He also painted the wooden barrier side fence, the metal frame and metal post of the sign, and the underneath side of the verandah. And finally, he used a traditional heritage lining brush to delicately repaint the lines of the stonework. At the end of each day, Gary cleared all rubbish from the site and disposed of it safely.

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