Auld Reekie Water Damage & Preparation Work

Preparation work of the water damaged ceiling and cornices in the dining room began with photographing the ceiling and cornices, with an emphasis on the water damaged areas of the artwork and design to be replicated. We tested the water damaged areas of the ceiling and cornices for moisture content, ensuring works would not proceed until the moisture levels were at a satisfactory level.

Heritage Water Damage Moisture Testing

Once moisture levels were at a satisfactory level, we implemented work health and safety measures including the provision of wet paint signs and the implementation of safety measures to protect the customer’s children. Plastic and drop sheets were laid extensively to protect the floor and in-built furniture. We sensitively attached plastic to the walls to protect the heritage wallpaper.

Auld Reekie Heritage Work Preparation

With great expertise, Gary Lancaster sensitively cleaned all the water damaged areas of the ceiling and cornices including the fine art centrepiece of the ceiling. He removed all grease and grime as well as the stains caused by the water damage.

Heritage Sensitive Cleaning Water Damaged Areas

Once clean and dry, Gary took paint scrapings of each individual colour and had them analysed to successfully match the original colours. He placed the colour scrapings in individual containers labelled with the colour code for each colour. He applied samples of colour to the ceiling and cornices including small sections of artwork for approval of colour matching by the customer.

Heritage Colour Scrapings Colour Matching

Once the customer had approved the colours, we photographed the areas where the sample colours were applied prior to painting.

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