Historic Rivendell Great Hall

Rivendell Great Hall

Rivendell Great Hall is an historic building in the Thomas Walker Estate of Concord West Hospital in Sydney NSW. In January 2017, Sydney Local Health District hired professional heritage painter, decorator and artist “Gary Lancaster” to perform sensitive and accurate heritage conservation, reconstruction, artistic and beautification work as per the Burra Charter. The hall had not been painted or decorated in the last 100 years and was in desperate need of repair and repaint. It involved the repaint and decorative finish work of the walls, woodwork and the ceiling of the main hall, the stage and ceiling.

Rivendell Great Hall Heritage Conservation - Restoration

Gary carried out moisture testing and lead testing prior to commencement of work. He implemented procedures for safe lead containment and removal of all rubbish created by the works. Gary supplied lead safety gear and covered the areas and items including light fittings using plastic and drop sheets. He erected warning signs and wet paint signs. Safe work methods and environmental sustainability practices were used throughout the job from start to finish.

Next, Gary took paint scrapings and had them analysed in order to match the existing colour scheme. He supplied premium quality paint and materials for the work including artists paints and 22.5 karat gold leaf.

Extensive preparation work included sensitive cleaning, filling and rubbing down and scraping down of surfaces. All the timber work was sanded down. Gary cleaned the interior of the stained glass windows and replaced the deteriorated putty. He also restored the broken decorative plaster items and features back to their former glory, replicating the original designs. Motifs and decorative items were sensitively cleaned with due care.

Decorative finish work included antiquing of the flutes and bases of the columns and re-frosting of sash windows. Gary delicately applied 22.5 karat gold leaf to the gold leaf sign writing and pin-striping on the walls, and also to the small motifs with the insignia. After cleaning the motifs and designs, he artistically restored them using quality artists paints.

And finally, Gary spray painted the three metal light fittings in the centre of the main auditorium ceiling.

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