Sacred Heart Church Art

Damaged Station of the Cross

Above:closeup photo of the damage caused by vandals to the “Jesus is Condemned to Death” Station of the Cross artwork.

The Stations Of The Cross

Sacred Heart Church Heritage Art Stations Of The Cross

Heritage restoration, reconstruction and beautification work to the interior of the “Church of the Sacred Heart” in Semaphore included the sensitive cleaning of and artistic repair work to the “Stations of the Cross”. Most of the “Stations” required repair work. The frames were rejuvenated with Venetian glaze and a hand painted gold pin-stripe.

Before & After Photos


Featured Left: Before and after photos of the “Jesus is Condemned to Death” Station of the Cross. The original photo shows highlighted areas that were in desperate need of repair.

Featured Right: Heritage Conservation Artist Gary Lancaster sensitively cleans and artistically repairs the Stations of the Cross in the Sacred Heart Church.

Artist Gary Lancaster

Sacred Heart Church Stations Of The Cross Conservation Work

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Sacred Heart Church Candle

Sacred Heart Church Candle Before & After Artistic Rejuvenation

Before and after photos of the artistic repaint work to the Church candle.

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