Paint Srapings, Reconstruction & Sign Writing

Sacred Heart Church Banner Reconstruction

Sacred Heart Church Banner Paint Scrapings & Signage

Sensitively stripping paint from the banner inside the Sacred Heart Church at Semaphore, Lancaster Painters Australia uncovered the original banner signage that had been painted over by the previous painters. Using heritage colour matching techniques and age-old traditional heritage sign writing skills, we delicately and skilfully reconstructed it back to its former glory. Each letter received 22 karat gold leaf with a red hand painted pin-stripe.

Sacred Heart Church Banner Scrapings & Reconstruction

Pole Emblem Paint Scraping

Heritage Pole with Emblem Reconstruction

Stripping paint from the pole inside the Sacred Heart Church, we uncovered the original manufacturer’s emblem, reconstructing it using gold paint against a black background. The pole was given a new face lift using white and red paint, with a gold pin-stripe.

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