St Johns Anglican Cathedral

St John’s Cathedral is a Federal heritage listed Anglican cathedral in Parramatta New South Wales. St John’s was given the status of provisional cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney in 1969, and designated a Regional Cathedral in 2011 for the Western Region. It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 5 March 2010. Read more.

In November 2017, the committee hired Gary Lancaster to restore the hand painted wood grain finish on the exterior sides of the doors. The finish had deteriorated over the years, more so on the sides exposed to the sun.

Gary took extensive measures to prepare the areas for work, health and safety. He erected warning signs and wet paint signs and communicated with the property manager for other measures that needed to be put in place. Drop sheets were laid to protect the work areas. He kept the work areas clean at all times and removed the rubbish from the site on a regular basis.

Much of Gary’s time was spent on filling and preparing the surfaces that resulted in a smooth finish. With meticulous care, Gary successfully matched the original wood grain finish in colour, texture and design to the original. He also repainted the external hinges that display across the front of the doors.


Many thanks for your work. The doors look fabulous.

Maryanne Golding PhD

General Manager

St Johns Anglican Cathedral

St Johns Cathedral History